New Rescue Tools for Rescue 1
By Fire & Rescue Captain Derek Dods
January 27, 2019

On January 7, 2019, the MAVFC received a delivery of a complete new set of Hurst rescue tools. Our hydraulic rescue tools were growing old and modern technology on newer vehicles had out paced the capabilities of our current hydraulic rescue tools. After months of research and equipment demonstrations, the department chose to go with Hurst Extrication equipment. This includes E-draulic spreaders and cutters operated by battery, portable high pressure pump, a high pressure spreader, high pressure cutter, and 2 telescopic rams. In the weeks since the tools were delivered members and employees have spent hours training and familiarizing themselves with the operation of the tools. The tools were placed in service on Rescue 1 on January 21st 2019. This new equipment replaces the Amkus hydraulic rescue tools that we have been operating for many years. The new tools were an investment of approximately $62,000.