Mount Airy VFC Moving Forward With Ladder Truck Service To The Community
By Past Chief Ivan Browning
April 5, 2019

The Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company has taken a big step towards providing a new firefighting service to our response area in the Mount Airy area and central Maryland region. Company leadership met with representatives of Patriot Fire LLC to execute a contract for the purchase of a new ladder truck for the fire company. The MAVFC established an aerial device committee a year ago responsible for moving forward with the company’s long-term apparatus plan recommendations. The committee was charged with selecting a manufacturer and designing a ladder truck that would provide the best service for our community. Through a competitive bidding process, the MAVFC elected to work with Patriot Fire LLC who is the regional sales representative for E-One Fire Apparatus.

The new ladder truck will be a 2020 E-One Cyclone II HR100 Aerial and will be produced at the E-One manufacturing facilities in Ocala Florida. The truck is capable of carrying six firefighters to an emergency scene and will meet MAVFC and Carroll County fire apparatus specifications along with national standards for ladder trucks. Some of the main features are a 100 foot aerial ladder with a pre-piped waterway, 242 total feet of ground ladders, a 10kw hydraulic generator and hi-visibility scene lighting along with additional firefighting and rope rescue equipment. Once placed in-service, the unit will primarily respond to fire incidents and support the rescue of civilians and firefighters, building ventilation, elevated master streams and overhaul/salvage operations. The unit is projected to be delivered during the summer of next year.

The members of the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company are excited to be moving forward with this project to better protect the citizens in our response areas. This is a large capital purchase by the company and members will continue to provide fundraising efforts to help support the purchase. We thank the community we serve for your continued assistance and support with donations to help make this possible.

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