Auto Swamped in Flood Waters
By Chief Jeff Lowman
November 1, 2019

Shortly before 10:00 pm on Halloween night, MAVFC was dispatched for a vehicle in the water, with a person in the vehicle, at the railroad bridge on Twin Arch Road. As units arrived on scene, they were advised that the police had the person and vehicle out of the water. Crews remained on scene to check a residence in the area for occupants that had become flooded out. Units cleared within an hour and a half and the scene was turned over to the local police and roads department.

Remember, when you encounter roads that are flooded, your safest bet is to TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN!!

Units: M18, R1, E12, C1, C1-2
Mutual Aid: Carroll County ATR Team, Frederick County Boat, Support, & Dive 15, MAPD, CCSO