2020 Officers Announced
By Chief Jeff Lowman
December 24, 2019

The Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company announces its 2020 Officers.

President Dan Caiola *

First Vice President Sue Hubble *

Second Vice President Charles Hamilton *

Secretary Janet R. Woodfield

Assistant Secretary Linda Brightwell

Financial Secretary Mary Alexander

Treasurer James W. Linton Jr. *

Assistant Treasurer Dennis Regulinski

Board Member Gary Hubble

Board Member Ivan Browning

Board Member Ricky Baker

Board Member Willie Wotthlie

Board Member Janet Woodfield

Board Member Terry Baker

Chief Jeff Lowman *

Deputy Chief Robert B. Christensen Jr.

Assistant Chief Russell Halterman

Assistant Chief Heidi Halterman

Fire/Rescue Captain Derek Dods

Fire/Rescue Lieutenant Kenny Stull

Fire/Rescue Lieutenant Scottie Colvin

Fire/Rescue Lieutenant Anthony Russo

Fire/Rescue Lieutenant Steven Stull

EMS Captain Kevin Costin

EMS Lieutenant Joseph Chinquee

Safety/Training Officer Steven Bettis

Haz-Mat 1 Ivan Browning

PIO Doug Alexander

Engineer Tom Fleming

SERGEANT 1-A Shift Ryan Dyson

SERGEANT 1-B Shift Lenny Ruckman

SERGEANT 1-C Shift Curtis Lowery

SERGEANT 1-D Robert Ruch

* Automatic Board Member

Congrats to all elected and appointed officers for 2020, and thank you to those that served in 2019