Ridge Road Crash With 3 Trapped, Two Trauma Patients
By Chief Jeff Lowman
November 3, 2019

On Sunday November 3 at 1459 hours (2:59 pm), MAVFC units were dispatched to the intersection of Ridge Road and South Main Street for a vehicle collision. While units were in route, Carroll County Emergency Communications advised that they were upgrading the assignment to a collision with rescue. IVT18 and Chief 1 arrived on the scene to find a two vehicle collision, one vehicle in the intersection and the other one a significant distance away down an embankment. Chief 1 advised they had a total of three patients trapped in two separate vehicles with a total of four patients. Command was established and a second rescue squad, three more ALS transport units, and MSP Aviation for a trauma patient were requested. Rescue 1's crew stabilized the first vehicle and removed the passenger side door and transferred the patient to IVT18 for transport to the landing zone for Trooper 3. HCRE4 and E12 handled the extrication from the second vehicle by removing both the driver's and passenger side doors. Both their patients were removed to HCM45 and MCM713. Transports were made to a local hospital and a trauma center. M149 handled one patient refusal. All units were clear in approximately an hour and the scene turned over the Mt. Airy Police Department for investigation.

Units: IVT-18, R-1, E-12, C-1
Mutual Aid: HCM45, HCRE4 (Lisbon), MCM713, MCPE713 (Damascus), M149 (Winfield), Mt. Airy Police Department