Annual Photo Fund Drive
By Secretary Janet Woodfield
January 5, 2022

The Fire Company has begun their annual Photo Fund Drive which will continue through the middle of April. Persons representing the Fire Company will be going door-to-door in the Mount Airy area throughout this time period offering family portrait photography sessions.

If you choose to participate, you will receive a time when you will come to the fire station to have your portrait taken. The proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards supporting the Fire Company's operations and equipment.

Each solicitor will have an identification card with his picture that has been issued by the Fire Company. The photo fund drive is a great opportunity to have family portraits taken while helping the local fire and ambulance company.

Attached is additional information for the photo company's representatives. If you have any questions about a solicitor for this Photo Fund Drive, contact Terry Harrison at 540-379-9726.

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