Equipment Barn Sustains Heavy Damage in Mid Day Fire
By PIO Doug Alexander
April 20, 2022

On Wednesday April 20 at 1050 hours (10:50 am), Box Alarm 1- 5 was dispatched for a building fire in the 4000 block of W. Watersville Road. First arriving E12 found an approximately 50'x100' enclosed pole barn well involved in fire. Water supply was established using Tanker1 and a supply line laid from the fire hydrant at Rt. 27 and the Wastewater Treatment Plant access road. A defensive attack was made using a portable master stream and handlines. Truck 1 was prepared to apply water from above if needed but was not called into service. The fire was knocked down in approximately 20-30 minutes but complete extinguishment was not attained for approximately 2 hours. The equipment barn/shop was heavily damaged, however, there were no injuries to civilians or firefighters. There were no animals in the area of the fire. Deputies from the Maryland State Fire Marshals were requested to the scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire. Damage estimates were not immediately available but a skid loader, lawn tractor, welder, compressor and many tools were lost to the fire. Units remained on the scene for over 3 hours.

Units from Carroll, Howard, Montgomery, and Frederick counties responded to the scene with approximately 20 units and 60 personnel. Assistance was also received from the Maryland State Fire Marshal, Potomac Edison and the Mount Airy Police Department. Frederick E152, Frederick T23 and A38 covered the Mount Airy Station.

Units: E12, T1, TT1, CF1, U1, U1-1, M18,
Mutual Aid: HE41, ME713, FE153, AT12, MTT713, HWS42, BC3, E142, HE131, HAT3, TT14, MM713, MAPD, Potomac Edison, FM41, FM 44.