Back to Back Extrications & Hazmat Incident
By Fire & Rescue Captain Anthony Russo
August 25, 2022

On Tuesday, August 23, at approximately 1400 hours, units were dispatched to a vehicle collision with rescue on I-70 WB at MM66. Medic 19 arrived on scene and confirmed a vehicle into the guardrail with one driver still inside. Rescue 1 arrived and extricated one patient. Units operated for about 20 minutes before returning to service and leaving the scene with MSP.

While returning from the crash on I-70, units were dispatched to a vehicle collision near the intersection of Ridge Road and Watersville Road. Medic 19 arrived on scene to find an oil truck with it’s bulk tank separated from the frame leaking diesel fuel. M19 requested the Hazmat assignment. Rescue 1 arrived on scene to find a vehicle involved with one patient trapped. Rescue 1 extricated the patient while working to contain the fuel leaking from the tank. Engine 12 stretched a handline and assisted with mitigation operations. Medic 19 transported one patient involved in the accident to a local hospital. Rescue 1 held command of the incident and assigned Duty 3 with Safety and BC1 as the Hazmat Group Supervisor. Multiple agencies assisted in the containment of the leak, fuel transfer, and clean up including units from: MDE, SHA, Howard County DFRS, Frederick County DFRS, and Montgomery County DFRS.

Units: Rescue 1, Engine 12, Medic 19
Mutual Aid: HRE41, HM46, MM713, Frederick HRT33, DTY3, BC1