Firefighters Review and Train with Rapid Intervention Equipment
By Past Chief Ivan Browning
January 31, 2023

The weekly training held on January 31, focused on a review and operation of the equipment that assists in saving other firefighters. Rapid Intervention Teams are used for rescuing firefighters that have become trapped, lost or hurt inside a structure fire.

The MAVFC apparatus carries equipment to help find a downed firefighter and supply them air in the event they run out. The R. I. T. (Rapid Intervention Team) Pack is a special bag with a 60-minute air cylinder and multiple airline hookups to provide a downed firefighter much needed air in a MAYDAY situation. The Pak-Tracker carried on our apparatus helps locate downed firefighters using a radio signal when they activate their P. A. S. S. (Personnel Alert Safety System) device on their air pack signifying they are in trouble. Our search rope bags allow for firefighters to quickly and efficiently search large areas without becoming lost.

Members and employees reviewed all the equipment and then went to work with some basic dexterity and air hookup drills. These drills were designed to let the firefighters make the necessary air supply hookups while not being able to see as would happen in a structure fire environment. Each two-person team was successful in supplying air to a simulated downed firefighter and was able to apply old and new techniques to each scenario.

MAVFC members hope to never have to use these skills but stand ready if ever called upon to rescue a fellow firefighter.

Units: E12, T1, R1