MAVFC Awards Presented for 2022
By Secretary Janet Woodfield
April 9, 2023

On April 6th, 2023, the Mt. Airy Volunteer Fire Company (MAVFC) presented recognition awards for 2022. The evening began with a presentation to law enforcement officers and MAVFC responders to two exceptional incidents with positive outcomes. The first incident was a vehicle collision with rescue and fire. The following personnel were recognized: Joseph Chinquee, Joshua Kosmicki (Medic 18), Sarah Lasner, Kyle Thornton (IVT 19), Doug Alexander, Ryan Dyson, Leonard Logue-Ruckman, Justin Parker, Kevin Swain, Laurie Logue-Ruckman (Rescue 1), Kenneth Stull, Anthony Russo (Car 1), Mt. Airy Police Department PFC Neil Kleczek , OFC Gregory Gebhart, Carroll County Sheriff's Office, Master Deputies Benjamin Brice, and Dante Swinton. The second incident was for a cardiac arrest with a successful save. The following personnel were recognized: EMT Chad Petry and Paramedic Briana Stull.

Length of Service Certificates were presented to: Kevin Alder, Victoria Taylor, Kyle Thornton (5 years); Steve Bettis (10 years); Derek Dods, Thomas Walters (20 years); Ivan Browning, Steven Lichtman (25 years & Life Membership); Terry Baker (30 years); Gary Hubble (40 years); Donald Brightwell, Richard Wotthlie (55 years); Patrick Holmes (60 years).

Top Ten Responder Certificates were presented to: Elizabeth Cooper, Jeffrey Lowman, Kayla Stivers, Anthony Russo, Scott Brister, Robert Christiansen, Jr., Thomas Gartner, Kyle Thornton, John Chambers, Joe Chinquee, Charles Hamilton, William Fries III. Paramedic Joseph Chinquee received a plaque for his achievement as top EMS Responder and Firefighter William Fries III received a plaque for top Fire/Rescue Responder. Mr. Fries also received recognition for being the top overall responder with his response to 391 incidents. MAVFC would also like to recognize our 2022 Chief Officers who were also in the Top 10. They are Chief Russell Halterman, Deputy Chief Derek Dods, Asst Chief of EMS Heidi Halterman and Asst Chief of Fire/Rescue Ivan Browning.

Chief Halterman presented awards and certificates for the following achievements. Kayla Stivers - Clinician of the Year; John Chambers - Rookie of the Year; Easten Emswiler, Christin Bloom, John Chambers - Top Training Hours in 2022; Ivan Browning and William Fries III for developing, promoting and improving training drills.

President Caiola presented the President's Awards to Matthew Heard and Victoria Taylor for their work in having a successful 2022 carnival after two years of no carnival due to the COVID-19 safety recommendations.

Janet Woodfield was presented the Distinguished Service Award for her 44 years of service to the Fire Company. This is the highest award MAVFC can bestow in recognition of dedicated, significant, and long-term continued outstanding service to the Company.

We would like to thank the members that received recognition as well as all of our members that make the MAVFC successful in its endeavor to provide Mt. Airy and the surrounding communities with fire, rescue and emergency medical service.